Empowering each woman to see God's purpose in everything she experienced // Romans 8:28

Reasons we love wearing God's word

1. Wearing God's word helps you to remember who you are

Often times we forget who and WHOSE we are. We are daughters of the King and He created each of us with purpose. We have to affirm ourselves and remember that everyday so that we can withstand the attacks of the enemy.

2. Wearing God's word helps you to share your faith with others

Sharing your faith with others is not always easy, but wearing apparel or accessories that share your faith can be great conversation starters. We have found this to be a great way for others to ask about the meaning of our apparel or accessories which leads into conversations about Christ.

3. Wearing God's word helps keep you encouraged

Wearing something that reminds you of God's promises in His word can help keep you encouraged throughout your day. The Bible reminds us that He keeps in perfect peace those whose minds stay on Him. Your apparel can literally help you keep your mind on the Lord.

4. Wearing God's word helps you remember to live a life dedicated to Christ

When the shirt you put on in the morning, the mug you drink your coffee from, or the tote you carry your belongings in remind you of your faith, it can literally change your entire day. From how you interact with others to how you look at your situations.

5. Wearing God's word is a great way to express yourself and set you apart from others

As Christians we are called to stand out, be a light and represent Christ. Our inspirational apparel and accessories are a great way to show just that. You can express your unique style while still representing Christ.