Empowering each woman to see God's purpose in everything she experienced // Romans 8:28


The She Experienced family is growing and we want to create many ways for the women of God to connect and build community. While we enjoy connecting with you through our newsletter, we want to create avenues where you can connect with each other. As women we all go through similar experiences and we have witnessed the benefits of sharing our own experiences with others to inspire, encourage and uplift. We want to provide you will opportunities to share your stories, journeys and experiences to help others and bring glory to God.

Here are some ways you can connect with us:

She Experienced: The Cafe

A virtual space for women of faith to connect through guided journaling, biblical affirmations and encouragement with a curated inspirational playlist. The current virtual group that we have is the Faith +Fertility Cafe for women experiencing infertility and miscarriage which meets once a month. Sign up for the cafe to be notified of our next session. 

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She Experienced: The Community

A private Facebook group for women committed to seeing God's purpose in everything we've experienced. This is a space to support each other as we grow through life's seasons, share personal tools for navigating life, and encouragement for living a purpose driven life. This group is a safe space and you can join right through FB.

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